How to create the ideal work from home space

Whilst the world is slowly going back to ‘normal’ there are still lots of people regularly working from home and some businesses have closed their office doors permanently in favour of home working. Whether you’re working from home for a full 5 days a week, or just a few days per month, it’s important that your home office space works for you.

It’s important that your home office space allows you to be as free from distraction and as comfortable as possible. Try to choose a space away from the main living areas of the home, so your family members know when your working and to keep clear boundaries between home and work life. Make sure that there is plenty of natural light throughout the day to keep yourself energised. You can also consider investing ergonomic furniture to protect your posture through extended periods sitting down. If you’re likely to be home-working for the long term, it might benefit you to purchase office furniture that allows you to keep organised and in control of any key printed documents or paperwork.

All our homes at Mossey Green are built with several, spacious reception areas and four to five large bedrooms, meaning that there is ample space to create the ideal work from home space. Whether, you’re looking for a small, quiet corner of the home or a larger space with lots of storage, at the Mossey Green development there are homes with space to suit everyone’s needs.

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